Every healthcare organization understands the significance of hiring qualified staff. Your medical staff is not only responsible for taking care of your patients but also streamlining operations. But how do you find the right talent? And more importantly, how do you verify their credibility?

Undoubtedly, interviewing healthcare professionals is one of the most complicated processes. And the most daunting task of all is nurses, physicians, doctors, and allied healthcare professional credential verification.
So, What’s the Solution?

In such a scenario, outsourcing is the best solution. It eliminates the time-consuming verification process and simplifies your recruitment process.

This is where LCVO comes to the rescue. We are your one-stop destination for reliable and timely reports for a flat fee. Our verification process is focused on creating an easy-to-understand workflow. This helps healthcare providers save a substantial amount of time, money, and effort.

In this blog, we’ll explain how in three easy steps, you can meet the credentialing needs for your healthcare organization with LCVO:

  • Enroll
  • We offer a variety of plans along with the flexibility to customize them as per your needs. Simply, sign up for the plan of your choice and get it customized to your exact requirements. Our packages vary, depending on the number of staff that you want us to verify.

  • Select
  • Whether you’re planning to credential multiple providers,or select the candidates that need to be verified. Submit their details to our team. We’ll take care of everything from there.

  • Verify
  • Our team uses a proprietary multi-step process for verification. It helps to check and confirm the credentials without any hassle. We then share those details with you via a secure platform. So you get verified providers without spending a fortune.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Credential Verification

  • Improves Efficiency
  • We are renowned for producing excellent reports without burdening your in-house team. There’s no need to invest in any third-party software. Our efficiency in generating reports enables us to streamline your internal processes.

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Hiring a specialized team or investing in third-party software is a bit expensive. But when you choose our professional credentialing team, you’re cutting on your operational costs, investment as well as the time spent on credentialing.
    We take care of the credential verification process efficiently, saving you ample time. We offer a minimal price, depending on the providers size that needs to be verified.

  • Offers Greater Flexibility
  • We provide greater flexibility than any other verification processing team on the market. Whether you need to verify 2 or 500, you only pay for what you need. Also, you can customize the pricing plans at your convenience.

  • Provides Accurate Results
  • We use a proprietary multi-step verification process. This enables us to check the documents of your healthcare staff. Our team reviews all the reports thoroughly for maintaining accuracy and giving you that confidence in your new team.

  • Helps you Stay Compliant
  • No matter the size of providers for credentialing, we provide 100% correctly verified reports. With that information at hand, healthcare organizations are able to recruit professionals as are compliant with healthcare norms.


In a nutshell, when you hire us, we reinvent your credential verification process. We assist you in verified professional credentialing of doctors and other staff in a short turnaround time. Now streamline your internal workflows and save time, money, and stress with LCVO.